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Nataseen® W

Nataseen® W

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Natamycin, the active ingredient in Nataseen®- W, also known as pimaricin, is a fungicide of the polyene macrolide group produced by natural strains of Streptomyces natalensis, it is especially effective against yeasts and molds.

 W: Nataseen®-W is Natamycin suspension product. Natural antimicrobial preservative, against yeasts and molds. It is effective in a variety of applications including surface treatment of cheese, coatings, and suspensions and spraying onto shredded cheese; surface treatment of processed meat and fish products; direct addition to yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, and cottage cheese; direct addition to fruit juices and fruit pulp; canned foods; quick frozen lobster, fish pastes, fish roe and spawn.

Nataseen composition


WP / H: 5-3 mg/ kg of food

S / L / G: 5-5 mg/ kg of food

W: 20-25 mg/ kg of food



S / H: Kosher

Storage - Shelf Life

24 months from date of manufacture at 4°C

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